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KT22 8SP

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School website:           https://www.stjohnsleatherhead.co.uk

Directions:                   https://www.stjohnsleatherhead.co.uk/findus


About St John’s School, Leatherhead

St John’s is a flourishing community where pupils are encouraged to be courageous and aspirational in their approach to life, understanding that to achieve real satisfaction we each need to be prepared to try things beyond our comfort zone. The School’s educational philosophy is rooted in an understanding that each pupil has different talents and distinct qualities; the aim is to nurture these talents, instil a love of learning and educate in the broadest possible sense. St John’s is passionate about creating opportunities for pupils to try new things, develop skills, broaden their horizons and have fun. The School offers a vast array of activities to create a rich and interesting co-curricular programme and has an excellent reputation for sport both in terms of the success of its sports teams and also the breadth of opportunity available. Exceptional pastoral care provides pupils with the support and guidance to achieve more than they might have imagined possible and to be able to try new things in a secure, safe and encouraging environment.

Founded in 1851 to provide education for the sons of the poor clergy, St John’s has always been progressive, adapting over time to now provide an excellent education for boys and girls aged 11-18 and offering day, weekly or flexi boarding options to help families achieve the best possible balance between school, work and family life. St John’s has changed with the times and the needs of the families it educates but the core values of courtesy, respect and tolerance hold true.