England captain Chris Robshaw made his big tournament debut at “the Nationals”

Former British Lion and England Captain Roger Uttley OBE has described The Lexus National Schools Rugby Tournament as the premier event in the schools rugby calendar.  Started in 1996 we are now starting to see boys who tasted their first ‘big tournament’ experience at the Regional and Final events entering the professional game.  We are proud of the part all the volunteers involved might have played in setting them off on their chosen career path.

In fact if we turn the clock back to the 1996 Regional qualifier with a game between Millfield Under 11 and Homefield Under 11.  In the Millfield under 11 team were Olly Morgan (now Gloucester and England), Anthony Allen (now Leicester and England), Darren Clayton (now Harlequins) and of course Chris Robshaw (now Harlequins and England Captain).  If this isn’t inspiration to all of you playing in the tournament never to give up regardless of the opposition, then perhaps the fact that Homefield won the match and not Millfield will!


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